Rally and racing

Due to its modular design, the Tractive RD90 can be adapted to virtually any engine / car combination without need for new patterns or extensive redesign.

RD90 is used in rear-wheel drive cars. Different versions of the RD90 gearbox fit very different cars, from MKII Escorts with some 220Nm to V8 engined cars with 900Nm of torque. RD90 gearboxes are now fitted to most front runners cars in the domestic series, winning events in the Swedish Championship.

Application list, march 2009

Part number of front cover Car
58310500 Volvo M45
58310700 Ford type 9
58311100 Ford ZF
58311400 BMW 320 compact
58311500 Camaro
58311600 Toyota Corolla twin cam
58311700 Ford Cosworth 10 deg left tilt (ex right)
58311800 Ford Cosworth 10 deg right tilt (ex left)
58311900 Ford type 9 right tilt 7 deg (ex left)
58312000 BMW M3 Getrag
58312100 BMW ZF
58312300 Ford MT75
58312400 Opel Kadett / Ascona CIH engine
58312500 Ford type 9 left tilt 7 deg (ex right)
58312600 BMW 6cyl M20/M50
58312700 Nissan Skyline manual box R32,R33,R34
58312900 BMW vertical V6 M20, M50
58313000 Ferrari Maranello 550
58313100 Mercedes ”Tobias”
58313200 Mazda Wankel
58313300 Universal quick change
58313600 Universal quick change offset lug
58313700 Toyota 1600
58314200 Mercedes DTM
58314400 Nissan 350Z G35